Friday, June 15, 2012

The Pelosi 2012 Sports Car- Made by Congressional Motors

When the government final takes over every aspect of our lives they will also get into the car making business. And of course we know that the government is so efficient in everything that they do and produce, what does the government actually produce now? Anyways, this video is a commercial for Congressional Motors and the new Pelosi Car that will be coming out in 2012. This car will take 100 billion dollars to make and it will take the entire congress to design it. The Peloci Car will have an MSRP of only $629,999.95 (that's inflation dollars) but it will help save the planet in a big way. I am so excited about this and you will be too after you see this fantastic video.

The Peloci Car
The Peloci Car made by the congress

Peloci Car Promo Video

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