Thursday, June 14, 2012

5 Daily Reminders from a Motorcycle Mailbox

When I saw these Motorcycle Mailboxes I thought maybe there was some hidden positive message in them. Life has a way of reminding us valuable lessons and I think if you had one of these Motorcycle Mailboxes you too would be reminded of something positive every day. Here are my 5 daily reminders.

1) Daily reminder that life could be worse.
Rusty Motorcycle Mailbox
by -mrh

2) Daily reminder that you are surrounded by beautiful nature.
Rusty Mailbox Motocycle in the Snow
by Wiking66

3) Daily reminder that bigger is better.
Really Big Motorycle Mailbox

4) Daily reminder that life is short.
Two Skeletons Riding a Motorycle Mailbox
more info

5) Daily reminder that when life hands you half a bike, you make a mailbox
Half a Motorcycle Mailbox

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